Uber: the Dutch way

You’re having a bad day. You took your bike and all of a sudden you find yourself in the middle of a thunderstorm. To make it even worse, you just came from the barber and are about to have your highly anticipated date. There’s no need to cycle in the storm, as Uber came with a pretty original solution: UberBIKE.

With this service, you’ll be able to get your bike to experience an Uber experience as well. He’ll definitely like it, as his owner is dry, safe, and getting geared up for his anticipated date.


Bike and ride with Uber. So far only in Amsterdam. Courtesy of Uber.

This service is as simple as expanding the existing Uber rides with some of them having a special bike rack on the back to make the transport realizable. The client will be ought to pay around 4 euros extra.

So far, UberBIKE is only available in the capital of  (not only) bikes , Amsterdam.

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