Meet Airy!

Pollution: a problem which many of us list as a top priority.

It is related to carbondioxyde, methane and other gas emissions. But on the other side, there’s something else which comes to pollution.

Did you know, that at the exact spot where you are sitting, hundreds if not thousands of toxins are floating in the air? Yes, we’re talking about indoor pollution.

With all the furniture, utensils and fragrances floating throughout your home or working space, no exclusion can be made that you are breathing in toxins. See the image below in order to get a grip on how many different air pollutors there may be in your area. Indoor air pollution Airy

Browsing kickstarter, I stumbled upon this amazing solution: Airy. Unfortunately, the promo vids are no longer availiable, and I gently recommend to visit their elaborated description on the competitor of Kickstarter, Megafounder.

Airy specially engineered plant pot, which cleans the air together with the plant that you’ve put in it. Big shout out to the inventors of it, and kickstarter making it possible for the crowds to invest. The project has been roughly succesfully funded and they launched their website.

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