This smartwatch has everything you need. Really.

Talking about innovation: need a watch and want it to be future proof? Don’t look further! The BLOCKS watch is here.

Welcome in the era in which devices help you making decisions. They also help your cerebral cortex by reminding you of various tasks. The modern zombie is a fact. As we’re in it anyway… why not being an innovator or early adopter and help great ideas to become great status quos?

Free marketing lesson: Your innovators and Early adopters will help you crossing the chasm into getting a product which will be available for the majority of the market. As known, there are always multiple types of buyers.

With the core being a durable smart watch module, you can change the look of it at any desired given time.  But here’s the best: the modules, which will be shaped as your strap, will all be customizable, as seen in the video below.

Blox 1.png

And this is just the beginning. The developers announced that they will be continuously adding different modules. Check the image above.

Adventurers choose for Heartbeat rate, humidity sensor, the camera and GPS whereas the Urban citizen chooses for the Sim card slot, the Air Quality, ECG and Flash memory module.

Getting adventurous yet?

At the end of the day, you’ll have a lot of choice: if you aren’t hooked, here are some more smart watches which are worth taking a look at:



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