WTF?!? (What The Fidget) market analysis

Alright. No need in telling you that there’s a massive hype around fidgets, fidget spinners, spinners, fidget twisters, hand spinner, fidget toy, fidget ADHD toy, fiddle toys, adult fidget toy or whatever your definition of this scientifically -since it can continuously spin and gravity is doing the rest  – interesting item is.

The massive hype can be easily argued by the fact that this thingy-thingy can be used in basically any situation since it’s compact, lightweight and portable. No wonder that classrooms are being filled with fidget toys, children with ADHD are getting calmed, alongside with stress relief on the work floor.

Markets and websites have rapidly been flooded with a high diversity of these toys and since they’re unpatented and thus unprotected, it leaves a lot of room for competition to start and attack the market of gadget freaks.

fidget pop
Fidget toys are ….. booming

Simultaneously this means that since there are no strict guidelines for fidgets, different standards for quality are being practiced and should make the user/consumer aware of the origin and production process to bypass not matching expectations.

Since we attach high value to information,  we’ve analyzed some of them and made a curated list of top 7 fidget spinners, sorted by highest price in $ USD first, (trust us, it’s been a whole jungle to find the right ones)

click on the link to get one for yourself (or your ADHD relative, or your colleagues)
The master of the rainbow. Priced around 17 bucks at the time of posting


The golden pirate +- $12 

The high-class spinner +- $11
Bababababatmaaaaaaaaan! +- $9 
For the glow in the darker, +- $6,5 
The propellor, +- $6 
The skeptic, +- $2 

Not to forget to mention, we can also start talking about the relatives of the spinners, the cubes, which could be even more interesting. However, we’re also human and need to get some rest now.

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