This is how to get on board of your favourite company.

Hey there, young professional. Let’s be honest: you’re stuck. And you’re done with doing meaningless office operations. You support something bigger. Something which helps people and culture connect. Enough with this repetitive process. 

Let’s give the stage to two very creative and ambitious individuals who clearly know how to impress their potential new employer and an example from an employer’s POV.

Here’s Nina. Nina is young and ambitious, like a lot of us. She’d like to work at a company with purpose. When trying to get through the HR department with her CV, cover letter and perhaps some calls, most of the times she got a kind reply somewhat like: thank you for your time, but you’re not what we’re exactly looking for. Time after time you hear this and you’re about to get depressed.

Her dream to work for Airbnb was just something unreachable as for many others. To work for such a gigantic game changer, you have to be a very sharp tool in the shed. Nina didn’t give up though and decided to design a website, including in-depth analysis of markets which Airbnb hasn’t exposed well enough yet. The results are astounding. Click on the link in the tweet below to find out more.

Funny thing is that there are many ways to catch one’s attention, especially in this digital age. After all, we’re having so many tools at our disposal that we’re just waiting for the next creative candidate. We were not left disappointed as Linkedin provided another excellent video of the following candidate:

So we’ve had the perspective from the applying agent. Now let’s look at an employer talking about his experiences in hiring great candidates. Josh Fechter has mentioned the core of what this is about: motivation and dedication.


Now, for you as an employer, it should come to one’s mind that Millenials are having a shift in working needs. Take a look at this chart underlining the work-life balance and flexibility. After all, productivity is measured in output, not hours. So, next time you’re drafting your job post, make sure to include some dopamine infusing working conditions.

Infographic: Millennials Believe In Life After Work | Statista

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