KLM took crowdfunding to the next level with flight funding

This is an absolutely cracking marketing campaign. KLM, royal dutch airlines have launched a concept of flightfunding in which people can donate flights to those who can’t afford it. 


KLM has always been a strong (if not really distinguishing) social media player amongst the quality airline companies. This is one of the best ways to distinguish themselves and gain emotional goodwill from their users and of course not (yet) users.

Why are they doing it? Because the social media department gets tons of requests per year with heart breaking stories. For Juanita, the featured to be flightfunded victim of low earnings, it will be very special since she will be able to visit relatives in Canada which she has never seen before. And obviously, on the other hand, to be featured in blog posts like these and gain positive exposure. It’s a win-win situation at the end of the day.

With the huge potential in social media it was just a matter of hours for Juanita’s flight to be funded. With a normal person spending over a hundred times more time to achieve this goal, it is truly amazing how fast everything can go when people are moved by a certain story and willing to contribute a tiny fraction of their earnings in exchange for a positive vibe throughout  their day.

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