Crisis management in your Social Media Landscape

Social Media Posts are a great way to ensure customer engagement when loaded with good content or personal attraction. However, one thing to keep in mind is that Social Media posts can also be planned. This means that some posts are being placed weeks before they actually get posted…. With all the consequences applying.

MiniInTheBox is maybe the best example of extremely bad luck posting. As we all know, the whole (western) world is showing their compassion to the terrible shooting in Paris, and then this image…MITB paris fail

Crisis management is crucial in cases when things have the ability to get out of hand. This is why companies like these should always have their personnel double check the message before letting it float in the online spectrum and thus experiencing bad exposure from uneducated users.

This can be simply done by giving your employee(s) a slightly better pay in order to let him double check and adjust the post every time before it gets posted, including the weekend.

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