Snapchat introduces spectacles! Is Instagram lurking again?  

Snapchat might be considered as obsolete since one of its main features, live picture or video sharing,  had been copied by Instagram.  Despite the word of mouth expecting Snapchat do drop, Snapchat’s daily amount of users hasn’t been humble as it’s continuing to grow rapidly, with about 50m active users in Europe alone, the company has come up with an idea to spark the sales and move into the tangible assets.

With that being said, it is obvious for the live mobile video content media platform to pursue the goal of maintaining users and customers as much as possible. This can be done in hundreds of ways.

A solution for this might be the spectacles.

We should get more enthusiastic. This pair of sunglasses shows your perspective through your Snapchat channel.

It is a pretty cool idea, but we question the profitability and gimmick content.

As we thrive on seeing which are above zero on the thermometer, here in Western Europe, big chance that we have forgotten about the spectacles  when the sun starts to shine at its fullest.

By the way, the chances are that Instagram will follow. We will cut the cord by proclaiming the name: instaglasses.


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