Millenials: the generation of instant gratification and how to cope with us.

Our website isn’t named impactfulinsights for nothing. We live in an information era, and we highly appraise pure insightful knowledge. This is why this post has nothing to do with innovations and/or marketing but is more a wonderful fundament to eventually…. create greatness.

Simon Sinek, the author of the golden circle, which highlights purpose driven entrepreneurship and visionary leadership, has shared his insights regarding millennials, the generation born after ’94  which now slowly enters the labor market and stumbles upon various issues relatable to their own misconception.

Now sir Sinek has dropped another inspiring egg, by detecting a common problem recognized amongst us millennials: instant gratification. In today’s’ first world, everything is accessible through a click. Dopamine, the hormone which accounts for our instant feeling of joy, is the main actor. Feel like texting with someone? Dopamine guaranteed.

But how about serious, meaningful relationships which require time and patience? How about the job environment and the young professionals who get disregarded because the change they wanted to make can’t be initiated that fast? Patience.

Speaking of which, take your time to understand millennials in the following fifteen minutes. We’re sincerely hoping that you’ll have enough patience to watch it.


Fellow millennials, time to enjoy the world and the true mechanisms in it, because sometimes it’s also fun to be human.



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