Amazon is fueling a lot of debates after this initiative

Truly revolutionary, causing a paradigm shift, this initiative is causing a lot of discussion on social media. Why? Becuase of the robotization of society, and on the other side, the potential loss of plenty of jobs. However, with a pilot like this, obviously cashiers were not hired, so no one lost their job. Nevertheless, when it comes to creating value in the retail landscape, which in most cases is speed (assuming that the quality at every retailer is equal) , this definitely is inspiring.
2016 clearly seems to be the year of the word ‘go’. With the powerful message conveying to quickly go and grab something, it not only showed to be an inspiration for the creators of Pokemon Go, but also for the branding/marketing directors of Amazon; Amazon Go.
But wait, what if your phone drops dead while shopping? Or what if someone else puts something in your cart? Solutions might consist of: charging poles in the store, real-time tracking and other things that might spark the privacy debate. See for yourself, and feel free to share your thoughts.
Cool and insightful.
Observe. Learn. Inspire. Enjoy.

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2 thoughts on “Amazon is fueling a lot of debates after this initiative

  1. Haha, great comment, but then it become’s some sort of on the spot consumption moment, how about a restaurant or a cafe instead? 🙂


  2. The Amazone Go doesn’t go far enough. It stops with the buying. I would like a software which allows to walk into a store, to open all the packages you want, to eat and drink everything you want, and then to go.


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