A true sense of smell

Whether it’s baked onions, walking by the bakery and smelling fresh oven bread or just the old and over encountered feces, our sensory nerves in our nose have definitely proven to assist us in better decision making.

Before we praise the following product, a term will be introduced: olfactory.

Olfactory is anything that can be related to the sense of smell. Smells aside, olfactory is a serious study. Olfactories have been busy with generating new knowledge on our senses of smell, and the results seem to be astounding, as these senses might be way more robus than we thought they would be.

No longer should humans be considered poor smellers. In fact, new research suggests that your nose can outperform your eyes and ears, which can discriminate between several million colors and about half a million tones. “It’s time to give our sense of smell the recognition it deserves,” said Vosshall.

With the above being said, it is time to unveil another wonderful contestant for great future market reception.

Meet Moodo, a smart home fragrance machine designed to enhance one’s well-being. Moodo sparks imagination and gives the inspiration to create one’s own unique scent for any mood.

You might think that candles or another fairly priced product might offer themselves as great alternatives; however this is like comparing apples with pears.

Fresh vibrations? No problem. A mix of Lavender, Wood Royal, Floral Magic and Citrus fresh. Gardens of isfahan? Sure: Neroli Citrus, Divine Rose, Sandal Wood, Grandma Vanilla. Imagination can be the only obstructor: new scents are being developed and introduced rapidly.

Not to forget to mention that not only the design and expected performance of the product is great, but the team has also thought about another, unforgettable modern aspect: an app. The app lets you switch between intensities and scents, to create your own, unique mood.


Are you a true olfactory pleasure-seeker? Or don’t you have the nose for high-end products? Expected retail price $ 150.

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See more at: http://moodo.co/

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