The power of a money-saving plugin….

Hey there, online shopper. How are you doing today? Roaming around the web and seeing some nice wearables? Those sneakers from Amazon you wanted…. nevermind, still too pricey. How about the sunglasses for the nice upcoming weather? Ah, maybe not now.

Here’s the bright side: with so much technology becoming available consequencing in the most amazing and complete applications, there’s some honey for us, online shoppers, too. Our instant gratification might bring a lot of burden at times when we do not get what we want instantly. It’s pretty common to be limited by financial resources.

Hence, Honey has been making some serious progress lately. With about already 4 million users, we’re not telling anything new. According to the innovation curve, we might be considered as enthusiasts (early adaptors) and we’d like to sneeze on this wonderful app. Not only is there a great way to make money as a referral/coupon database business, but it seems to be a that consumers are not unwillingly adapting to.

How does it work? It’s a community-based discount platform which scans and applies all the coupon codes as soon as you’re at the checkout page ( definitely intelligent IT ). The animations make the whole process even more fun.

So what if there are no coupons? You might feel really entitled to have things working, but don’t worry. Sometimes coupons are just outdated or don’t work at all. The best thing a service can do is to reward you for the use of their app in any way. Hence, you’ll also be able to receive a percentage of your total order…. which….. can also be substantial.

So far, most international stores have plenty of working coupons. More countries will rise as the communities will grow in parallel.

Get your shopping edge here

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